HAIYA, there

Welcome to the HAIYA Employment Portal. Built to align company vision with employee on-boarding, strategy and staff development and management.

Stay up to date on your development plans, register and monitor your certifications, provide feedback and see more data around employee performance reviews and status.

Our all-inclusive employee hub.

From on-boarding to career development, see it all from the one place.

We care strongly about supporting our employees. It’s one thing to provide a feedback loop, it’s another to tie this to actionable goals and providing you with a platform to see your progress on these.

Certificate Management

Manually add and manage your certificates and expiration dates.

Development Plan Assignments

Create assignments based on your development plan.

UX Design

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Badges and Fun

It’s not all boring HR, we’ve added some fun bonuses to give credit where credits’ due!

Performance Reviews

See previous performance reviews and provide detail for future performance reviews.

Strategy Tasks

Our business strategy is integrated into the portal, meaning that tasks which you do to help the business can be seen here too!

Staff Surveys

Access staff surveys and make sure your voice is heard!

Let's grow together!

This is where the company goals and YOUR goals align. Let’s make it happen! 

Be the best version of you!

If we wanted you to just come in and do your job, then you probably wouldn’t have been that interested in the role anyway!

We want you to be the best version of yourself, and see your progress along the way.


Learn by Doing

SMART goals, built just for you.

Whilst our on-boarding program is universal, the goals and learnings that you record in HAIYA are about getting you out in the field doing things!

Build your portfolio

6, 12, 48, 72 months from today, you’ll be able to look back on all of your achievements!

Portfolio’s provide us all with a clear idea on your contributions on the company, but also the things you’ve done to be proud of!

Achieve your goals

You scratch our back by doing your job as well as we know you can and helping the company grow, and we’ll scratch yours by helping you achieve your goals too!

Personal and professional goals really do go hand in hand. We want to make sure you are happy in, and out of your office chair!

Our goal is to integrate our company vision with our staff onboarding, strategy, development and management plans. I believe HAIYA does just that.

Josh White, CEO